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[The Atlantic's] traditional roots haven’t hindered it from evolving into a publication fit for the digital age. - The Next Web More

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The Atlantic

In the first great meme war, when the foot soldiers…

4 hours ago

National Journal

Republicans argue that impeachment was a political loser for Nancy…

14 hours ago

Government Executive

Although Congress enacted back pay for furloughed federal employees at…

1 day ago

Route Fifty

When governments weigh whether to invest in infrastructure like rail…

1 day ago

Defense One

It should be a top priority for Congress to correct…

12 hours ago

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Opinion leaders effect change. 96% regularly speak up for and act on what they believe in.


The Criminal Investigation Command is looking to tap into social…

1 day ago

The Atlantic

Barack Obama’s private assessment of Donald Trump: He’s a fascist.That…

5 hours ago

The Atlantic

Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo bungled an interview with…

8 hours ago

Defense One

“We are opening a Pandora’s Box,” Dwight Eisenhower warned when…

12 hours ago