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Washington Ideas Week 2016

September 26 - 29, 2016


Atlantic Media attracts the most extraordinary individuals, who are looking to boldly disrupt and relentlessly innovate in a fast-paced and rewarding digital media environment. We seek humble and dynamic talent looking to join a collaborative environment that provides a wealth of opportunities for career development and growth.


The Atlantic

There’s Only One Danny Brown, and He Just Made Another…

2 hours ago


“Everything in this world is magic, except to the magician.”…

2 hours ago

National Journal

The Democratic nominee has an all-star roster at her disposal,…

2 days ago


“Penn Station Reborn,” Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times Train…

2 hours ago

Government Executive

Ft. Bragg infection control specialist was ostracized for exposing health…

17 hours ago

Atlantic Media Proprietary Insight

Opinion leaders make bold choices. They are 80% more likely than the general population to pursue paths that few companies are willing to or can.

Route Fifty

An Alabama court indefinitely suspended Roy Moore, the state’s controversial…

17 hours ago

Defense One

Rising temperatures and changing water patterns are among a host…

21 hours ago


FCC adopted rules that would increase the amount of information…

17 hours ago


Uganda’s government said it will deliver free Wi-Fi services in…

2 hours ago


We’re inching closer to a reality where our cars drive…

3 hours ago


In Japan, women do about five times as much housework…

3 hours ago