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The Atlantic

Tuesday evening, the Los Angeles Dodgers will open the 2018…

5 hours ago


As the US midterms approach, disinformation on social media is…

5 hours ago

National Journal

Over $140 million has been spent on the battle over…

1 day ago


When Hurricane Florence made landfall on September 14, it pummeled…

5 hours ago

Government Executive

Researchers have found (pdf) that it takes, on average, 23…

6 hours ago

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Route Fifty

SAN DIEGO — At many government management association conferences, it’s…

15 hours ago

Defense One

“It was not a simple decision,” says the retired Afghanistan…

6 hours ago


The FSB says it’s trying to curb extremism online —…

7 hours ago


“Good design is good business”: This line from then-IBM president…

5 hours ago


Archaeologists are patient professionals, slowly piecing together bits of the…

5 hours ago


Joana Tavares was walking home from the post office when…

5 hours ago