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The Atlantic

What We’re FollowingPresident Donald Trump signed an executive order on…

17 hours ago


We’re used to the idea of a “systemic” gender pay…

9 hours ago

National Journal

The presidency has been a "highly masculine" office. So what's…

21 hours ago


If the college cheating scandal has reinforced anything, it’s that…

20 hours ago

Government Executive

Obama-era move toward pooled agency purchasing is updated to reduce…

20 hours ago

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Opinion leaders make bold choices. They are 80% more likely than the general population to pursue paths that few companies are willing to or can.

Route Fifty

New data on health across the U.S. shows that high…

14 hours ago

Defense One

Artificial intelligence businesses in China help an authoritarian government and…

15 hours ago


The surprisingly short life of new electronic devices.

19 hours ago


India’s engagement with Africa has involved peacekeeping, student scholarships, humanitarian…

10 hours ago


The statuesque young woman with a powerful voice who joined…

11 hours ago


An explosion at a chemical plant that took place yesterday…

11 hours ago