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Portrait of Jean Ellen Cowgill

Jean Ellen Cowgill


Jean Ellen has led Atlantic Media Strategies since 2012. In 2014, she was named one of Folio‘s top 100 in media. Previously, Jean Ellen ran Atlantic Media’s corporate strategy and consulted at McKinsey & Company. She graduated valedictorian of Dartmouth College.

Portrait of Joan Colbert McGrath

Joan Colbert McGrath

Managing Director, Product

Joan has led product since 2012, delivering solutions that engage users and build brands. In 2015, she was named to Folio’s Top Women in Media. She graduated from Trinity College, and holds a MSc from the London School of Economics.

Portrait of Lymari Morales

Lymari Morales

Managing Director, Editorial

Lymari leads AMS’ team of journalists. In 2015, she was named to Folio‘s top 100 in media. Lymari previously led editorial efforts at Gallup, following six years in the national news media. Lymari studied journalism at Northwestern and public policy at Harvard.

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Opinion leaders want to affect the future. They are over 2x as likely to be motivated by a desire to change the course of events than the general population.

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