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The Atlantic

What We’re FollowingFor some, the bubble is real. In the…

10 hours ago


The Saudi Arabian crown prince’s visit to India this week…

7 hours ago

National Journal

Congress is set to bring up a regulatory measure that…

14 hours ago


When Amazon announced that it would be cancelling plans to…

13 hours ago

Government Executive

When school superintendents are paid significantly more than government’s leaders,…

12 hours ago

Atlantic Media Proprietary Insight

Opinion leaders effect change. 96% regularly speak up for and act on what they believe in.

Route Fifty

Over the past year, bills have been introduced by lawmakers…

8 hours ago

Defense One

Today, a dollar or euro spent on network security goes…

13 hours ago


The agreement gives agencies another option in modernizing their data…

12 hours ago


China’s largest search engine, with 70% of the search market,…

7 hours ago


Rod Rosenstein, the deputy US attorney general, delivered a poignant…

11 hours ago


If the 2018 US midterm elections are any indicator, a…

12 hours ago