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About National Journal Group

National Journal serves more than 1,000 government and business leaders with intelligence, insights, and tools they need to save time, increase efficiency, and increase effectiveness.

Known as one of the most trusted sources of information and exceptional journalism in Washington for nearly 50 years, National Journal’s specialists are unmatched in government affairs, advocacy communications and policy brands research.


Our Products

Network Science Initiative (NSI)

Na­tion­al Journ­al’s Net­work Sci­ence Ini­ti­at­ive (NSI) identifies key decision makers and those who influence them. NSI specifically examines the levels of influence and alignment of key stakeholders, identifies lesser known “quiet voices” that have unexpected influence, and maps how these influencers coalesce around policy proposals.

Using quantitative network-mapping data developed initially for counter-terrorism efforts, NSI effectively informs clients on how to best achieve their advocacy goals by targeting precise influencer networks.

Policy Brands Roundtable (PBR)

National Journal‘s Policy Brands Roundtable (PBR) surveys more than 1,000 individuals—and conducts interviews with more than 400—to capture and quantify a company’s long-term reputation and influence within the policy community. This strategic research service helps organizations understand their effectiveness in Washington, annually assessing perceptions among the powerbrokers of DC—from K Street to Capitol Hill to the White House. By measuring and tracking performance for 100 prominent organizations across a variety of industries, this work identifies the specific activities and approaches to advocacy that can strengthen a “Washington” brand—and those that can’t.

Leadership Council

National Journal’s Leadership Council works with government affairs and public policy organizations to help them be more efficient and effective. The Council’s researchers and experts provide government affairs and communications professionals with the solutions and tools they need to influence the policymakers that matter most.

Leadership Council Membership includes access to National Journal’s suite of trusted journalism including NJ Daily and Hotline; popular time-saving research tools including the Presentation Center, Washington Briefing, and The Almanac of American Politics; and strategic support resources.

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