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About Atlantic Media Strategies

The award-winning consulting firm and creative agency of The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Strategies (AMS) helps organizations advance the ideas and issues that move our world. We enable brands to transform and grow by relentlessly focusing on the needs and interests of their audiences.

Born of The Atlantic’s transformation from legacy brand to media pioneer, we draw insight from our global client base and our “living lab” of audiences.

Visit our website to see more of our work, our team, and our ideas.

Pillars of our work

  • Insight: We examine what audience needs, habits, and beliefs mean for an organization’s strategy.
  • Engagement: We pilot, build, and go big with the biggest ideas and issues a brand can own.
  • Growth: We chart the future based on an organization’s potential to reach and engage its audiences.
  • Stewardship: We empower teams to collaborate, experiment, and continuously adapt.

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Atlantic Media Proprietary Insight

Opinion leaders want to affect the future. They are over 2x as likely to be motivated by a desire to change the course of events than the general population.

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